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In an industry
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OBJECTIVITY SQUARED is an independent, registered investment advisory firm on a mission to help the people they serve live with greater meaning and impact. Born from the belief that trust is the source from which prosperity flows, they do things differently, thoughtfully, sustainably, and creatively; empowering clients to make conscious, informed decisions.

Our sole focus is

Building Trusted,

We are an

A celebration of the


Nuances, Characters,

of your

and Stories.



Our Methods
Deftly Balance
Creativity and

Art &

We believe that successful wealth management requires a well-crafted balance of art and science. That’s why our process seamlessly integrates conversation and connection, decades of professional and life experience, financial rigor and thoughtful counsel, and the intelligence and insight that make a lasting impact in lives, businesses, and communities.


Our People

A Vibrant Team of
Close-knit, Caring,
and Curious People.

Alex Opoulos


ALEX OPOULOS’ life and career changed forever when he jumped in to help his Mom put the financial pieces together after his father’s sudden passing. Quickly realizing that many of the financial and legal pieces were incoherent, Alex began the process of putting them together in a comprehensive and organized manner. A framework to make financial decisions that supported the life his Mom wanted to create. That early experience continues to shape and underscore his belief that a holistic, comprehensive approach best serves the financial complexities individuals and families confront.

Intensely curious about economics, geopolitics, and design, a self-described “math geek,” adoring husband and Dad, he begins each day in meditation, a centering practice of presence, acceptance, and gratitude. In Alex’s career, as in his life, “family” is built upon a foundation of compassion, loyalty, and trust that goes beyond genes. “Family” is who you show up for faithfully. Who you share your knowledge, skills, and vision with. Who you lift up, nurture, and empower. Who you turn to and return to. Alex’s mission is to build trusting, transformative relationships with the people and families for whom he serves. To be an extension of their family, each with its own nuances, characters, and stories.

843 212 2129

Nicholas Holmes


NICK HOLMES was born and raised in Virginia and grew up in a small, hard-working family that provided him the foundational work ethic on which he has built his career.

Nick began in financial services as an intern with Alex in 1999, an experience that quickly developed into a long-term trusted partnership that has spanned over two decades.  Nick is a dig-into-the-details problem solver, and logistics pro, who’s as energized by spreadsheets as he is about cultivating long-term relationships.  He is constantly humbled by the trust people place in him to care for their families’ financial security and legacy — and be a source of support — especially in times of tremendous personal need.

A true believer that experiences matter more than material things, Nick enjoys entertaining friends and family and cultivating experiences with his wife, Candice, their four children and family dog, Magnolia.  He is a devoted husband, Dad, and coach and channels the unconditional love and support of his own family to help him guide and empower the families that he serves.

843 212 2629

Britton Ziegler

Chief Operating Officer

BRITTON ZIEGLER came on board in 2008. Her primary responsibility is providing personalized concierge services to the clients of Objectivity Squared. She began her career in financial services as a securities trader as well as an insurance company product manager.

Britton graduated from Georgia State University receiving a B.S. in business with a concentration in hospitality management. She is a past board member for Racers for Pacers. In her spare time she enjoys running, surfing, golf, traveling and cooking for her family and friends.

843 212 0711

Ashley Harris

Private Banking Specialist

ASHLEY HARRIS grew up in Brandon, Mississippi, and in her formative youth was a competitive gymnast, practicing before and after school, and coaching younger teammates. Her Mom and long hours in the gym instilled a sense of discipline, time management skills, and the value of practice, repetition, and refinement.

It naturally follows that Ashley makes everything happen. As the day-to-day contact for both the team and their family of clients, Ashley is a pro list maker and problem solver, organizing, streamlining, and working behind the scenes, ensuring everyone has exactly what they need, when they need it, to flourish.

843 212 2805

Carson Howard

Investment Analyst

CARSON HOWARD is originally from San Diego and is a recent graduate from the Kelly School Of Business at Indiana University. After graduation, Carson relocated to Charleston to be closer to his family who migrated from California a few years before.

He joined the Objectivity Squared team at the beginning of 2023 and has quickly integrated himself into the Team already proving to be a trusted and valuable resource.

Carson has all the qualities we admire: An insatiable curiosity, wonderful work ethic, commitment to Family and humility. He’ll be assisting the team on multiple fronts, including Investment Manager Due Diligence/Analysis, Technology and Reporting. In his off time you’ll find Carson working out at the gym, home cooking with his Family, creating music or studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst exam. He is a young man with an old soul.

843 779 7916

John Schumacher

Planning Associate

John Schumacher is a Nashville, Tennessee native raised as one of four siblings. Eager to chart his own course, he moved to the Lowcountry to pursue his education at the College of Charleston School of Business.

After graduation, John embarked on his unique career journey.  Initially drawn to the overlap of art and business, he worked as a commercial photographer and director.  After taking an interest in real estate, he spent several years honing his skills in acquisitions, underwriting, and deal structuring.  His analytical prowess and intuitive compassion caught our eye in the fall of 2023.

Motivated by establishing honest and genuine relationships, John leverages his knowledge base to serve those around him. Outside the office, he can often be found surfing or on the tennis court. Nevertheless, the titles he holds most dear are husband and father.

843 823 7676


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